Me too…maybe

I am hesitant to add my own #MeToo to the conversation. My hesitance, I have to admit, is part of the problem. The written, unwritten, and too-quickly-changing rules of engagement for boys and girls and men and women have changed wildly in my lifetime.

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We did not hate them

Note: We don't talk about cultural assumptions. We just know things, or think we do. No one ever sat me down to tell me that some people’s lives didn’t have as much value as my own. No one had to sit me down and tell me. I knew. As I wrote the draft, I used... Continue Reading →

Worshipping with Elvis

I knew that Elvis Presley, whose fame was built mostly on blue suede shoes, shocking dance moves, bad movies, a sexy sulk, and the drug-and-food induced glittery, sweaty end of his short tragic life, had made a few little gospel recordings, a nod to Pentecostal nostalgia. I didn't know until today, browsing the dangerous portals... Continue Reading →

Insidious Invisibility

When #BlackLivesMatter is countered with hateful slogans of the faux-egalitarian #AllLivesMatter, I recall sadly how, for a good part of my life, Black Lives really didn't matter. Wichita Falls, Texas, didn't hate black people. Many of us even kind of liked black people. We expressed our racial bias in a manner even more insidious than hate or aggression. We simply didn't see black people. The evidence of this is in vintage issues of my hometown newspaper: the lack of evidence of any black population at all.

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